SEPT. 24 – 2:00 AM
We had a great start to the tour in South Florida and I’m already in Philly getting ready for tonights tournament. Traveling from the first tournament in Ft. Lauderdale to DC was a bit interesting. Pete, Michael and me all played DC as well, so we all took the same private plane after the Ft. Lauderdale tournament concluded up to DC. We left the arena at 11:15 and headed to Ft Lauderdale executive airport. Got to the tarmac..no plane. Not good. A few calls later we find out our Citation Excel was at Ft Lauderdale’s normal big airport, which was 10 minutes down the road. OK, off we go to FLL. Our driver’s GPS is all screwy so we’re circling the airport for 10 minutes before I used my phone’s GPS to get us there. We’re getting a little tired at this point as we’ve played a lot of tennis and it’s nearing midnight w/a 2 hour flight ahead. Now we get to the plane, drive onto to the tarmac, load up and go. It’s all good now…plane’s comfortable and we’re DC bound. Michael tucks into the newspaper and relaxes and Pete and I catch up on the Davis Cup draw, Mardy Fish’s skills as a golfer, his kids sleeping habits, how he always aces me at 30-all in our matches…you know, normal stuff.
We land at Dulles around 2:45 and jump into our cars. We are travelling with Jon Venison, Zach Gallin and Larry Magid, the guys running the business side of the Champions Series tour and Zach and Larry are in the 1st car. Pete and I jump into the 2nd car and Jon and Michael go to the mens room. Pete and I have our driver depart for the hotel b/c it’s 3 in the morning and we don’t want to wait. About 5 minutes later I get a phone call from Michael who asks where we are. “En route to the hotel…where are you?”. Michael says, “I’m at the curb and there are no cars!”. Jon, Larry and Zach thought Michael was with us…oops. Around they turned to pick Michael up and they arrived at the hotel 10 minutes after us, around 3:30. Thankfully tonight’s post-match travel was a drive up the road from DC to Philly. We just needed to make sure we loaded everyone up before hitting the eject button.