John McEnroe


Birthdate: 02/16/1959
Birthplace: Wesbaden, Germany
Current Year Record: 2-2

McEnroe burst onto the international tennis scene while still a student at Stanford University. In 1977 he broke through from the qualifying rounds to reach the Wimbledon semifinals. He turned pro the following year.

Career Highlights

-McEnroe won 17 Grand Slam titles – 7 in singles (3 Wimbledon, 4 U.S. Open; 10 in doubles (5 Wimbledon, 4 U.S. Open, 1 French Open).

-He played on U.S. Davis Cup teams a record 13 years, helping to win the Cup for his country five times (1978, 79, 81, 82, 92).

-John finished the year as the No. 1 player in the world four different times (1981-84), becoming the youngest man ever to achieve the No.1 ranking.

-In 1980, he played a match that many consider to be the best in the history of tennis – a five-set marathon loss to Borg in the Wimbledon final. The next year, McEnroe reversed that result, beating Borg at Wimbledon, and again at the U.S. Open.

-154 career titles: 77 in singles; 77 in doubles.

2019 Events

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October 5, 2018

Invesco Legends New Haven
August 23, 2018
New Haven

True Champions Classic
October 4, 2018
St. Louis

ADT Champions Classic
April 4, 2019
Palm Harbor