2012 PowerShares Series Launch Day

Today is launch day for the 2012 PowerShares Series with a press day that I am attending with Andre, Johnny Mac and our good friend Jill Baar of PowerShares as well as the InsideOut crew at the Nasdaq Site/Times Square in NYC. Good times. I’m fired up to get the information out to everyone about where we will be playing this fall.

The 2012 calendar of events is official with new cities on this year’s tour like San Jose, Anaheim, Atlanta, Denver and my two hometowns…Tampa (original) and New York City (current). And with the players lined up it’s going to be one heck of a ride this fall when we get rolling with Sampras, Connors, Rafter, Chang, Wilander, Martin as well as Andre, Mac and me getting after it.

I’ve been mostly in NYC since Roland Garros at work at InsideOut HQ getting prepared for the full fall of PowerShares tennis ahead. When I haven’t been tucked away in my NY office with our fantastic InsideOut team, I’ve been spending some time on the tennis court (including playing some exhibition matches in California), hitting the golf ball a bit and generally enjoying an idyllic summer thus far. 

Once we get closer to the US Open it’s going to be an extremely busy rest of the year with plenty to do (TV at the Open, Davis Cup in Spain), culminating with a lot of PowerShares Series events starting in Surprise, AZ on October 13. I will shift into major training mode in August to get the base I need to play well and handle the physical load of the tournaments ahead.

Hoping to see a lot of you along the way this fall. Feel free to reach out to me and the other players with any comments and/or questions via our twitter handle (twitter.com/#!/@PowerShares10s) and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/championsseriestennis). We’ll be checking regularly and I’ll do my best to answer anything and everything that comes my way. 



July 18, 2012